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Integrated Groundwater Database for Cape Town and Environs

This project was funded by the Water Research Commission (South Africa) to develop a groundwater database and visualisation tools for the City of Cape Town, which in 2017/2018 experienced serious water restrictions due to a prolonged drought and was slowly approaching day-zero, the day the taps would run dry. The main aim of the project was a comprehensive database of groundwater sources (boreholes, wells, springs etc.) that could help the City water resources managers to make informed decisions regarding the use of groundwater as additional source, which has become increasingly important, and also have a tool to educate the public about groundwater and its use.

PostgreSQL was chosen as the preferred database, because of its extensive spatial capabilities and user management, with the Aquabase front-end software to enter and manage the data and output, while QGIS was selected to create the online mapping tool serving the QGIS project to the QWC2 web client with the QGIS server component. All these are open-source applications and therefore did not result in additional start-up and maintenance costs.

The mapping website can be found at: https://blecher.dyndns.org, but this location will change once the final setup is conducted.

A few samples of the resulting maps are shown below:


River monitoring stations on groundwater harvest potential
River monitoring stations on groundwater harvest potential


Springs on NGI 1:50000 topographic maps
Springs on NGI 1:50000 topographic maps


Springs, surface water monitoring and meteorological stations on OpenTopoMap
Some Geosites on OpenTopoMap


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