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The Aquabase water management software is a powerful application with data entry, management and presentation tools for the groundwater scientist, water manager and engineer. The latest version is Aquabase Twenty20, which is available for Windows 32 and 64 bit and Linux (Debian). A macOS version is planned for release in May 2020.

Aquabase is no longer downloadable from this website as Aquabase now has it's own website at https://aquabase.blecher.co.za/wp. Therefore you also cannot register on this website as a user any more, but will have to do so on the new Aquabase website.

The current version is in no way complete, but development continues as there is quite a bit of work still necessary to rewrite the reports and charting functions.

If you want to use Aquabase with any of the supported databases you may also go to the Weblinks section of this website where you will find all necessary information and download links.

If you need support with installation of Aquabase or any of the database options above, or require advice on a GIS system, or want to transfer your data to the new Aquabase databases please contact me and I will gladly provide you with a quotation.

You are also encouraged to subscribe to the Aquabase Development and Support Programme. You would then benefit from constant updates as they become available and will also get limited (reasonable) email and telephonic support with setup and installation, general functionality, import of data, and queries to extract data to any format. But you may also suggest additional functionalities which would not only benefit yourself or your organisation but all Aquabase users in general. Please contact me for a quotation.