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Here you will some basic information and download instructions for QGIS plugins I have developed to make life easier. Some of these are only relevant to the Aquabase Water Resources Management software and are therefore not published for public access yet. Once the Aquabase code is cleaned and published on Github the Aquabase plugins will be made available publicly.

  1. MySQL Importer Plugin: This plugin uses ogr2ogr to import any spatial or table data into MySQL/MariaDB. You can contribute to or download the plugin from Github at https://github.com/immoblecher/qgis-plugin-mysqlimport. Alternatively in QGIS just go to Plugins|Manage and Install Plugins and select the plugin for installation.
  2. Aquabase Plugin: This plugin allows easy interaction like Selects and creating database Views between Aquabase and QGIS. The plugin is part of the Aquabase Setup and does not have to be downloaded seperately.